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turkish drop spindle

a few weeks back i took the big plunge. i learned to spin my own wool.  well, to be clear, i started the process of learning to spin my own wool.  and friends, it’s harder than it looks.

i learned on a turkish drop spindle my best friend gave me.  i love the simplicity of its design and practicality of its use.  and the wood is delicious too.  it was made 30 km from where it was bought,  as all things should be, really.

the drop spindle class was held at my favourite vancouver wool shop, three bags full. I can’t walk into that place without walking out lighter in bills and heavier in fiber.  my plan B is to open a shop of my own one day.  or maybe it’s simply my escape fantasy of choice right now.  hard call.

this past weekend my bf ramped up all things wool and loaned me her spinning wheel. spinning wheel talk about upping the anty.  i’m a- gunna need to spend some *serious* time trying to tame that little princess.   since re-assembling said wheel, i have been nosing around the the old you-tube which has saved my knitting ass more times than i can count.  so far i think i have the basics down.  now i just have to step into the ring with the band of roving crazies they call “spinners.”

Speaking of you tube, check this out for the best interview with a spinner – by a tween – ever.


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