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this is a quick post to apologize for the serious radio silence that has been this blog.  life has been busy!  i am excited to share the new forms and facets of my renewed inspiration with you.  lots of blog-cleaning to do first, so stay tuned… this time i promise to be back *very* soon.

enjoy the blossoms!


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i freaking love craft fair season. you know it exactly when it arrives. one day you wake up and BOOM – wall to wall craft fairs every weekend. it’s funny, i have never been a big christmas person, but man, craft season is like one big extended seasonal high for me. i just can’t get enough.

this weekend in particular is shaking down to be a bit of west coast DIY craft-off with both Seattle & Vancouver hosting their largest indie craft fairs on the same weekend.  what’s a girl to do, but hit both?

Seattle’s Urban Craft Uprising is going to be amazing.  the ladies & i will be joining the celebration of 5 years of craft fantasticness right after we hit the outlets on the way down.  this lady needs some new duds to wear to her new office come january. too bad i couldn’t pull off one of these hats as a casual accessory.

Vancouver’s Got Craft is going to rock equally as hard, and maybe harder if my super-geek plan of being one of the first lucky 30 through the doors of the Commerical Drive Legion works.  two words.  swag. bag.  i know, right?  i mean, seriously.

and for all my yankee readers, check out this week’s list of US-craft fairs put together by Handmade News.

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