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Be_liveone of the very cool gifts of urban life is street art. discovering new pieces in random locations resonates with me on a bunch of fundamental levels. super creative people making the city their own, sharing it with the rest of us if we are conscious enough to notice.  everything from stickers to graffiti to stencil to paper and on… the act of civil disobedience inherent to the process of bringing (uncommissioned) street art to life.

VPL container

the dark

i definitely have my favs.  i can’t get enough of the paper roll ups which were around more last summer than now. anyone remember the boys with scooter heads on the abbott side of the woodwards site?  my fave was the old man who showed up on the back of the wooded side of 1000 parker.  i am not certain, but i think it was the work of the dark. i love that guy’s stuff. genius. unfortunately, all the pics i had of that time were destroyed recently, but here is a shot of the dark’s commissioned work this winter at the VPL.

lately it has been all about office supplies incorporated.  OSI is totally on a poster bender.  feels like i can’t turn a corner without finding another gem.  the latest was down on alexander, though my crappy blackberry camera refused to capture that particular photo, here’s one from just off main & 8th:

office supplies incorporated

office supplies incorporated

OSI was also generous enough to donate some fantastic pieces to the ‘It’s Yours Take It! free street art event at the Vancouver Art Gallery a few weeks back.  IYTI! was conceived in 2008 in the spirit of creating art and sharing it with others in a spontaneous way.  how freaking fantastic is that?  the flash mob of street art.  having taken place in cities like chicago, belfast and sao paulo, the organizers are already working on the next vancouver event set for august.  The theme is going to be re-used and recyle (trash to treasure).  can’t wait.


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