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yesterday was probably the most perfect weather day to travel to seattle.  crystal clear, tons of sun and a straight shot to a pile of indie craft goodness.  it was also fun to explore the whole exhibition grounds area around the space needle.  tons of beautiful studios, warehouses and green space.  ah, seattle.  you do well.

the urban uprising craft fair rocked in general, but one of my favs had to be marked.

marie khediguian, a montreal-based artist makes this     amazing jewlery using 1970s-era new york times microfiche.  entirely brilliant and exquisitely crafted.

reading her blog, i have also learned that she has a masters in architecture, but recently decided to take the plunge and do her art full time.  inspire much?

then there was soopajdeluxaka jenna.  her stuff was beautiful.  it took be forever to choose, but eventually i bought three pieces for $20 (her sign said 2 for 20 but she threw in another for free).

jenna works not only in print, but sculpture and multimedia as well.  her site also leads me to believe she is pretty political and has a soft spot for street art.  that’s my kind of craftivist.


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