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apologies for the lack of posting recently.  i have been super distracted, soaking up every last juicy morsel of our gorgeous summer days.  a number of highlights that simply must be noted….

  • the opening of “baaad anna’s” knit store in Hastings Sunrise last month!  yayayaya finally a knit store in the neighbourhood with a great ethic run by a fantastic delightful craftivist.  needless to say, i was like a kid in a candy store the day of the opening.  check out their classes and upcoming ‘yarn-tasting’ event this weekend – just a few tickets left!
  • ‘it’s yours take it street art bonanza on the steps of the VAG (see post below).  was so happy my crew got their in time and were able to participate in the entire event (which essentially lasts as long as it takes folks to scoop up all the art).  my piece comes from CYDN – make sure to check out his work… great sketches, stencil art, photography… next Vancouver IYTI takes place Jan/Feb 2010
  • renegade craft fair, san francisco.  ’twas one hellava huge show, definitely the largest wow-factor indie craft emporium i have been to.  wish i had taken much more time and likely gone back a second day to soak it all in.

bring on autumn!


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